1992: Where it all started

In 1992, in response to South Africa’s worst drought at the time, Greystones Enterprises, headed by the Mouritzen brothers – Ken and Digby, designed, manufactured and patented a portable conveyor discharging and loading system for handling of enormous tonnages of bulk grain imports into the region. The conveyor belt system proved its flexibility and efficiency when it was successfully operated in the discharge of sugar, wheat and animal feeds as well as vessel loadings of cement clinker and corn.

•1993: Joint venture with SSA affiliate

In 1993 Greystones Enterprises and FRS Africa Inc., an American holding company with interests in shipping, material handling and stevedoring joined forces to form an international joint venture, namely Greystones Cargo Systems to explore its potential in the world market. The joint venture combined SSA’s management, marketing and operational skills worldwide with the marketing, technical and operational experience of the Durban headquarters of Greystones.

•1992 - 2013: Milestones

•Greystones Cargo Systems Handlair pneumatic dischargers, hoppers and conveyor systems handled approximately 9% of South African Maize imports and an additional 400,000 metric tons of US-AID grain for Central African Countries

•A record export loading of 70,000 metric tons of cement clinker in Cape Town

•The first handling of imported sugar for South Africa (a traditional net exporter at the time) through Durban

•Commercial discharge of wheat into Walvis Bay

•2013: SSA acquires 100% ownership for Greystones Cargo Systems from the Mourtitzen’s and sells a 26% stake to a Black Owned local South African Company

•S’dinane Logistics (Pty) Ltd buys 26% of Greystones Cargo Systems

•The rest of the ownership remains with FRS Africa a fully owned subsidiary of SSA Marine

• The board is restructured to include 2 new shareholders from S’dinane Logistics (Pty) Ltd, as well as another South African based non-Executive director

•Themba Ngcobo, one of the S’dinane shareholders is appointed as the new company CEO

•2014 – 2017: Milestones​

• Following the board changes, local management restructure as well as continued focus on other sustainable business practices including training and development of previously disadvantaged groups and suppliers, Greystones Cargo Systems becomes a proud level 2 B-BBEE contributor

•2017 : Name change & Rebranded logo

• Decision taken to change the company trading name from Greystones Cargo Systems to South Africa Cargo Services. Shareholders, the board and management remaining the same

•2018 : New general Warehousing and Bulk containerization facility launch

• General Warehousing capacity increase from 2700 square meters to 4000 square meters in Congella, Durban

• Launched fully fledged Bulk Containerization facility handling cargo such as Chromite Ore and Ferro Chrome within the Port precinct in Bayhead, Durban 


 Company: Overview