We have over 25 years of ship to shore experience and operations established in all the ports within South Africa, South Africa Cargo Services ‘SA Cargo’ is not only well equipped and experienced to handle all types of cargo ranging from containers, cars, trucks, heavy lifts, various bulk and break bulk commodities; we are flexible, dynamic and proactive in the way we conduct our business.​

Back of port logistics is our main game and SA Cargo, now operates a fully fledged warehouse situated in Congella, Durban just under 4 kilometres from Durban Container Terminal. In addition to this we are in the process of developing a state of the art Container Freight Station in Bayhead within the vicinity of the Durban Port where we will be doing bulk containerization. This Freight Station will be launched on 1 October 2018.

For us it begins with proactive planning which involves adequate training and empowering our employees and having a comprehensively integrated support function that allows us to offer outstanding customer service with full management accountability.


We believe in developing long term and mutually beneficial relationships and in addition to our ship to shore and shore to ship services we also focus on delivering added value to our customers by adding to their value chain covering additional services from warehousing, handling, packing/unpacking, distribution and a full range of other value added services covering the full landslide operation up to getting the cargo onto the ship.


We are committed to continuously improve our systems and process and believe in openly engaging all our stakeholders in order to achieve a common goal of managing resources efficiently. This commitment to managing resources efficiently will yields positive results for all as it will allow us to maximise our operations and the use of our workforce which in turn reduces the cost of operation which ultimately positively impacts our customers


"We believe in constant and open engagement with our stakeholders in order to have an all encompassing continuous improvement plan"

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